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Illegal Danish!

*eats said Illegal Danish*

1/25/11 08:20 pm - It has been too long. Too long.

And I'm hungry. I haven't gained much despite my desire to do so. My last check in I was in the mid 200 area, perhaps around 240. And now, I'm sitting at about 280. Truly however, I want to get bigger.

I moved across the country to the city of Seattle, and since moving out here, I've tried to both enhance my appetite and my waistline. Not terribly hard when you can control everything you put into your body. I can tell you my next shopping trip is going to include pie, and cake, and beer, and bacon... and cookies, and cake and bacon. And beer cake and beer.

It is sad looking over my friends on here, however. Not enough action, and I'm going to work towards improving my own belly blog and hopefully it'll encourage those around to post more...

9/30/07 08:51 pm

Kinda bored.
Haven't posted in over a month -_-
Kinda hungry. Think I'm going to grab a calzone in a minute.

8/25/07 07:40 pm - Random Ramblings

:D Chocolate Chip Muffins are the best. Occasionally, I'll get some for free from the Coffee shop down the street because they slightly overcooked them and for whatever reason they dont like them that way. Doesn't phase me in the slightest. I usually eat like five to six of them at once, with a tall glass of milk. I also had some really really good pizza the other day. Their crust is so beautifully made, just soft enough to be easy to chew, yet crispy and buttery on the outside, which is awesome. Their sauce too, is quite good. It has rather weird notes of sweetness, which I accentuated with extra garlic this time. I ate the entire thing in one sitting.

Has anyone ever tried the energy drink Boo*Koo? I keep getting the wildberry flavor, and I have to say, its really peculiar, but quite satisfying. When its carbonated, it kinda tastes like Raspberry Ginger Ale, which I quite heavily enjoy, but when it goes flat, it still, for whatever reason has a bite to it that reminds me of a still carbonated Grape Soda. Plus, out of most of the energy drinks I usually get, it actually gave me a substantial energy boost, for a much lower price. What is it with the companies that produce these drinks that make them charge 2-3$ for such a small amount of liquid? I mean, come on the stuff isn't liquid gold...

Music wise, I really really really have been addicted to a combination of The Raconteurs, DDR Music, and Muse. I don't have a clue why, but thats all that seems to be on my play list as of late. Himawari is quite nice, as is Sing for Absolution. I suppose it goes without saying but I have a rather weird taste in music.

I stopped playing WoW again recently. I felt as though I was paying the 15$ a month for little to no reason. I played for a bit on my Priest, who I got to 70 rather quickly after the release of the Burning Crusade, but never played again after that. I did a run of Old Hillsbrad with some friends.... Veritable clusterfuck, as I was straight shadow still from leveling, and I was overnuking when we had a Paladin Tank. That was stupid of me.

In FFXI, Puppetmasters are (finally) getting a use in a party besides our excellent Damage Dealing abilities which are overlooked constantly. I may be able to use it to finally get to level 75 after playing for nearly 4 years now.

Today, I went and did some swimming. Which was nice, as it was like, 90 out with 95% humidity again. How long do we have til its fall again? Id much rather have fall, winter, spring, and then go right back into fall again, without dealing with this unbearable heat and humidity and no Air Conditioning. I also have to say that getting some good sun on my belly was quite nice. I don't have pale skin, but I haven't really been out in the sun much this summer, as I've tried to keep cool by staying in the Basement and watching movies on the big screen tv, so my usual pink~ish-y tan skin color definitely got a smidgeon darker today. Which is quite nice, I suppose.

I also get questioned quite often when I'm going to cut my hair. I respond quite often with, how much would you be willing to pay for me to cut it, or what, you need some hair for a wig?

I suppose I sound like Mitch Hedburg while doing most of my joke-kinda things outside of text. "Because of Acid, I now know that butter is **way** better than margarine. I saw through the bullshit." "I had an ant farm once. Them fellas didn't grow shit." I love his style of joke telling.

8/20/07 07:20 pm


I really should upload some more recent pictures of myself. I think, at least face-wise, that I look entirely different. Having rediculously long hair for no reason as a guy, is quite awesome.
Weight wise, I don't think I've changed much at all.
My belly may feel rounder, but for whatever reason, the number on the scale is lower. I'm working on it.
I did notice that my belly definitely feels softer, which is quite nice. Kinda like a pillow or something.

Today, I had a really light food day, which kind of ended up making me finish it off with an insane flourish.

For breakfast, I had some wheat toast and some cheddar, with some chocolate milk.

Lunch... I kinda skipped, which stinks. I hate skipping meals, but being barely coherent in the morning, let alone have halfway developed motor skills... Yeah, I never take one to work with me. I try to order out if I have cash. (Usually a Pepperoni and Banana Pepper Pizza... or the always fresh, never frozen Baconator from Wendy's.) To make up for it, I had some Honey Roasted Cashews, which I freaking love.

By Dinner Time, I was freaking starving. I ended up having 4 quick Mozzarella and Cheddar Microwave quesadillas, with marinara and bbq sauce. To finish it off, I had two huge glasses (my Stein) of milk, and two sleeves of oreos. But I still want more. I may go upstairs and see what I can scrounge up.

Hell, I think right now I could finish off two Baconators. It's probably the best burger ever concieved. 2 Quarter Pound Beef Patties, Cheese, 6 Slices of Bacon, in between two buns. I hate having Mayo on my burgers, which Wendy's kinda always does, but for whatever reason, the delicious amount of bacon powers through the mayo, imbuing it with a delicious flavor, making it so ungodly good, there is no other burger that compares to it in the fastfood world. Plus, you add a frosty and a large fry on the side... Thats a substantially expanding meal.

Outside of food... Ive been playing a lot of Final Fantasy XI, and Maplestory, which a couple friends essentially forced me into playing.

8/19/07 12:38 pm - eeh Hungry...

I dunno, maybe it's the fact that the northeast is finally starting to feel more like Fall after the insane humidity that I've had to endure this summer, but damn, the last few days, I've really felt like doing nothing but eat.

But, I haven't had enough food in the house. ;_;
It stinks. Meh, I'll probably balance it out next week.

Also: Has anyone ever tried Spicy Ramen noodles? I like spicy stuff, but I really kinda dislike the Chicken Ramen, dunno if its the flavor of the chicken, or the texture of the noodles. I saw them when I was at BJ's a while ago, and was curious about em'

7/28/07 04:21 pm - Hmm.

It's weird.
I never really know what to say in a blog, I just keep typing until I get to a gold mine of interesting things to talk about.

I've as of late been playing World of Warcraft again. Which is kinda depressing to me. It doesn't entertain me at all, and it seems like I'm only playing it, because I'm in the habit of playing something in the evening after I get off work. I've made an alt of every race and class combination, but cant seem to play them past level 10. Its kinda rediculous. I think I'm just burned out on the game and want to play Final Fantasy XI again.

I went to an anime convention a week or two ago in Hartford. It was kinda interesting, but it had that very weird kind of set up that made me feel that its one and only purpose was for people to buy stuff, which isn't a good environment for me to be in... I wanted to buy so much stuff, but I didn't have enough cash. I did end up with a new Domo-kun shirt, which I freaking love. I also tried out Ramune (An engrish play on words of the word, a Japanese soft drink that has a wierd bottle shape. It doesn't even have a cap to it, it just has a marble to seal it.

Weight wise, I'm still between 230 and 250. Which sucks. No matter how much I eat, it seems like it never changes. People keep saying I look larger, or I look bigger, but I feel the same, and don't see many physical changes.... Perhaps I'll get some pictures taken later this afternoon if I can get any quiet in this house.

I think my family is falling apart. Which may be a good, or a bad thing. My parents cause insane amounts of stress, particularly my mother, who really doesn't understand/care what anyone else around her thinks about how rediculously crazy she's been acting as of late. The other day she was talking to me about Divorcing my father (for the 7th, or 8th time now) after having her Tarot cards read. All I know is that no one pays much attention to me, which is pretty much, at this point, the way I like it.

The summer time... Stinks. Its really too hot outside. And working in this inane heat and humidity is just insane.

6/11/07 06:24 pm - Craziness and Food.

It's really quite interesting trying to monitor my hunger and what goes on around it, to try and spur my appetite on. Lately I've lost weight (which is honestly quite a shock to me... I don't really quite understand it myself. Nearly 15 lbs since last I checked! How could I loose that much weight when I'm trying to eat so much???) Perhaps my body is allocating it in a peculiar manner? Or maybe Im getting more exercise from work or something.... I dunno. Anyways, Ive been trying to monitor what exactly makes me hungry, to try and get myself to eat more.... And honestly... Nothing really spurs me on more to eat than boredom... lol. I mean, right now, Im hungry enough to eat like 10 PB&J sandwiches and 1/2 a gallon of milk... if I wasn't trying to post here first... I might try that afterwards.

I wish I could get pictures for all of you...  I lost my camera somewhere here. Or someone took it and hid it. I dunno.

 I think my belly has changed a little since I last posted pictures (I know... ages ago... ;_;  ) but is about the same size, much to my dismay. My major change is that I haven't cut my hair in like a year. So I have crazy long flowy hair now... I love how I look posing in the mirror though :D

I also, quite honestly, have found the mecca for pizza, in the southeastern Massachusetts area. It's at a place called Yia Yia's Pizza in Fairhaven. They do the best local, if not in the north east thin crust pizza. Im drooling thinking about it. Its really oily, and covered in so many spices, the aromas of fresh crushed tomatoes, mingliing with their mix of herbs... :O....... You ever see that episode of Spongebob Squarepants (yeah, I know... I can't help but watch Spongebob sometimes.) where Squidward gets addicted to Krabby Patties and locks himself into the Patty Vault? I wish Yia Yia's had a Pizza Vault!

Speaking of pizza... The other night... I ordered too much pizza for everyone at my house... and then took it upon myself to devour two pizzas. I got damn close too... My belly was sooo full.
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4/10/07 10:32 pm - Im alive...

Sorta. Kinda.

Weight wise... I feel wider around the waist... but my weight seems to hover where it has over the last several months, between 250 and 240, no matter how much or what I eat. Perhaps my body is adjusting my weight and applying it to different locations. I dunno.

Ive been rather quite busy with my job. I really don't like it that much, but its a decent paying job... Which I can't argue with. Although, the job I would've liked to have filled was taken from me.

The other day I got like a.... feeling. I don't know why, but all my mind has been focusing on for the last several days has been gaining weight. I mean, its been in the mind for a while now, but its been at the forefront... Its really peculiar, like a primal urge to eat until I feel like I'm going to explode :D

I think I'm going to go to the kitchen now...

12/22/06 08:57 pm - And the winner is....

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12/17/06 10:30 pm - Ramblings.

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